No Other Way: Hard Rock Digest (2016)

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No Other Way: Hard Rock Digest (2016)

Категория Сборник
Исполнитель: VA
Название диска: No Other Way: Hard Rock Digest (2016)
Жанр, Стиль: Alternative, Hard Rock, Metall
Год выпуска: 2016
Количество треков: 150
Формат|Качество: mp3 | 320 kbps
Время звучания: н|д
Размер файла: 1,51 GB

001. EverEve - The House Of The Rising Sun (The Animals)
002. At Vance - Eye of The Tiger (Survivor)
003. Volbeat - Black Rose
004. Pellek - I Know You Don't Know
005. Paradox - The Raging Planet
006. To/Die/For - In The Heat Of The Night (Sandra)
007. September Damage - Yellowed by Sun
008. Megafauna - It's So Simple
009. The Vision Bleak - Into the Unknown
010. Dark Funeral - As I Ascend
011. The Kills - Bitter Fruit
012. Chris Cornell & Santana - Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)
013. NERVOSA - Intolerance Means War
014. Neil Young - Crime in the City
015. Drakkar Nowhere - In The Eye Of Time
016. First Signal - Karma
017. Omen - Knights of the Temple
018. Lacuna Coil - Losing My Religion (R.E.M.)
019. Sunset Sons - She Wants
020. Catfish And The Bottlemen - Anything
021. Garbage - Even Though Our Love Is Doomed
022. Bob Dylan - Nevertheless
023. Roxxie Dee - No Other Way
024. Pierce the Veil - Circles
025. The Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet with Butterfly Wings
026. Dance Gavin Dance - Thug City (Tree City Sessions)
027. Aerosmith - Come Together (The Beatles)
028. Ayreon - Ride the Comet
029. Attica Rage - Lost in Memory
030. Тарья Турунен - Shameless
031. In Mourning - The Call To Orion
032. Against The Current - Young & Relentless
033. JWL - Goats and Gods
034. The Naked And Famous - Laid Low
035. Issues - Hero
036. Taking Back Sunday - Call Come Running
037. Kari Rueslatten - Arrow In My Heart
038. Rammstein - Das Modell (Kraftwerk)
039. The De?ants - The Last Kiss
040. Drowners - Trust the Tension
041. Eric Clapton - Stones In My Passway
042. Bruce Springsteen - Born in the U.S.A.
043. Sky Architects - The Hollows
044. Beth Orton - Corduroy Legs
045. JMSN - Hypnotized
046. Sleeping Well - Labyrinth
047. Katatonia - Last Song Before The Fade
048. Luthor - Miss Dreadful
049. Richard Barone - Showdown (E.L.O.)
050. Iron Savior - Strike Down The Tyranny
051. DragonForce - The Last Journey Home
052. Green Day - Youngblood
053. Hozier - Cherry Wine (Live)
054. Thrice - Death From Above
055. Saliva - Loneliest Know
056. Survive This! - Mistreated
057. Alarion - The Whistleblower pt I - Devastation
058. Abscido - Abscido
059. Broach - Break Me
060. Derdian - Eternal Light (feat. Roberto Ramon Messina)
061. Hellyeah - Live or Die
062. Metallica - When A Blind Man Cries (Deep Purple)
063. Dany Lademacher's Wild Romance - Naked
064. Crimson Fire - Only the Brave
065. Jorn - Rainbow in the Dark
066. Dark Suns - Torn Wings
067. Ted Poley - We Are Young
068. Feared - My Last Line
069. Architects - All Love Is Lost
070. X Ambassadors - Superpower
071. Death Angel - Let The Pieces Fall
072. Lover Under Cover - Flash In The Night (Secret Service)
073. Sugar Virus - Robot Monster
074. Stream of Passion - Out in the Real World
075. Eternity's End - The Fall Of The House Of Usher
076. Nordic Union - True Love Awaits You
077. Radiohead - A Punchup at a Wedding. (No No No No No No No No.)
078. Wings Of Destiny - United We Stand
079. The Ikarus Effect - Blank Pages
080. Sargant Fury - Eagle (ABBA)
081. Filter - Under The Tongue
082. Elephant Plaza - Momentum Part 3 – The Dream
083. Saosin - Drinking from the Fountain
084. Fee Waybill - Another Brick In The Wall (Pink Floyd)
085. Hozier - Run
086. Alien Ant Farm - Smooth Criminal (Michael Jackson)
087. Suede - Metal Mickey
088. The Electric - Time Is Running Out
089. Enuff Z'Nuff - Run For Your Life (The Beatles)
090. HIM - Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)
091. Custard - Super Trouper (ABBA)
092. Visions Of Atlantis - Maria Magdalena (Sandra)
093. RX Bandits - Can't Stand Losing You (The Police)
094. To/Die/For - (I Just) Died In Your Arms (Cutting Crew)
095. Doug Pinnick - Welcome To The Machine (Pink Floyd)
096. X Ambassadors - B.I.G.
097. Beseech - Gimme Gimme Gimme (ABBA)
098. Loaded Gun - Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The City (Whitesnake)
099. Derrick Lefevre, Damon Johnson, Chris Wimple Iii, Richard Kendrick
100. At Vance - Money, Money, Money (ABBA)
101. Disturbed - Midlife Crisis (Faith No More)
102. John Parr - Abracadabra (Steve Miller Band)
103. Fred Coury - Enter Sandman (Metallica)
104. Tony Harnell & T.M. Stevens - Child In Time (Deep Purple)
105. Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (Eurythmics)
106. Troy Reid - Double Vision (Foreigner)
107. X Ambassadors - Superpower
108. Samael - I Love The Dead (Alice Cooper)
109. Therion - Summer Night City (ABBA)
110. H-Blockx - The Power (Snap)
111. Stryper - Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)
112. To/Die/For - (I Just) Want You (Ozzy Osbourne)
113. Morse, Portnoy, George - Badge (Cream)
114. Luke Bryan - Huntin', Fishin' & Lovin' Every Day
115. Lacuna Coil - Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)
116. Lover Under Cover - Toy Soldier (Martika)
117. The M.O.B. - Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top)
118. Enuff Z'Nuff - When Doves Cry (Prince)
119. Metallica - Turn The Page (Bob Seger)
120. Fantasyy Factoryy - One Of These Days (Pink Floyd)
121. Sargant Fury - Maniac (Michael Sembello)
122. Todd Rundgren - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (The Beatles)
123. Chuck Billy - Thriller (Michael Jackson)
124. At Vance - Logical Song (Supertramp)
125. Rammstein - Stripped (Depeche Mode)
126. Jim Dandy's Black Oak Arkansas - La Grange (ZZ Top)
127. Pain - Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles)
128. Chris Thompson - Lock Up Your Daughters (Slade)
129. To/Die/For - Passion Rules the Game (Scorpions)
130. Chester Bennington - Riders On The Storm (The Doors)
131. Avenged Sevenfold - Paranoid (Black Sabbath)
132. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Havana Affair (Ramones)
133. Twin Tornados - What Do You Do For Money Honey (AC-DC)
134. Elton John - Someone Saved My Life Tonight
135. Muse - Feeling Good (Cy Grant)
136. Paul Dianno - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (Van Halen)
137. Dierks Bentley - Somewhere On A Beach
138. The Brandos - Walking On The Water (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
139. Rough Silk - Is There Anybody There (Scorpions)
140. Atrocity - Shout (Tears For Fears)
141. Mastodon & Billy Gibbons - Just Got Paid (ZZ Top)
142. Jacoby Shaddix & Santana - Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple)
143. Vibrators - Come As You Are (Nirvana)
144. Ritchie Blackmore - Apache (The Shadows)
145. Rawkus - It's A Long Way To The Top (AC-DC)
146. Cromwell - Another Day Of Sorrow (Pink Floyd)
147. Elton John feat. LeAnn Rimes - Written in the Stars
148. Elton John - The Bitch Is Back
149. Sam Hunt - Make You Miss Me
150. The Lumineers - Ophelia

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