QuarkXPress Xperience Design 8.16 + MathMagic Pro 4.97.1

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 QuarkXPress Xperience Design 8.16 + MathMagic Pro 4.97.1

QuarkXPress Xperience Design 8.16 + MathMagic Pro 4.97.1 | 764 MB

QuarkXPress - a powerful publishing system, with its intuitive interface and expanded set of tools for word processing, color management and graphic elements, and designing web pages. The program is widely used in books, newspaper and magazine publishing, advertising and marketing agencies, design firms and publishing houses.

With new features such as management tools and technology of transparent objects Composition Zones, as well as improved printing functions and create documents in PDF, the application provides complete freedom in the design process and the ability to work with documents.

Classical QuarkXPress tool palette is optimized to match the modern style of work: Users can impose pages faster than it has ever been. A new and unique tool Picture Content(«Graphic Content")lets you capture, rotate and resize images without the need to enter numbers in dialog boxes or switch between tools.

Existing tool Item(«Element"), as well as a new tool Text Content(«Text Content")intelligently respond to user, so now you can at least switch between tools, even for rotation or processing of several elements.

* Optimized Palette Tools(«Tools")allows professionals to do more with fewer tools
* A new tool Picture Content(«Graphic Content")provides direct image scaling and rotation, as well as watching it and framing
* Improved and standardized keyboard shortcuts for tools and at the same time, the traditional QuarkXPress shortcuts are unchanged
* Ability to import content to become more flexible: in any unit can be imported to the contents of any type
* Content can be dragged from the desktop or from any application and import, even in those parts of the pages that do not contain blocks
* Items on the page can be rotated directly, without using special tools
* Items can be duplicated and scaled by dragging from the center point of the page layout with help of familiar keyboard shortcuts
* Item Styles can simultaneously control the formatting of multiple items
* Use the command Item Find / Change(«Find / Change element")to change the appearance of several existing elements
* Palette Measurements(«Amendments")became more interactive: you can change the drop shadow with the click of a mouse-activated controls, see the effective image resolution as it is zooming, see vertical guidelines when changing the settings on the tabs, etc.
* In the navigation menu includes scalable thumbnails of pages(only in versions for Mac OS ®)
* You can drag and drop the contents of the blocks of the page layout in Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft ® Word, to the desktop, and so on, in order to edit it directly in the selected application
* New controls in each window of the project support functions move to the previous or next page, split screen, Export to PDF / SWF, on or off the page template.

The new version of QuarkXPress Xperience Design 8.16:
* improve the properties of the output PDF-file. The new version includes a number of features that make the layout more intuitive and effective;
* contains mode «Native Transparency» to create PDF-files, which will provide the designer a fast and flexible support for PDF and more control over all the PDF workflow;
* Improved spell checking, adds the ability to paste text without formatting;
* improved scalability;
* In addition, the update program will help you avoid errors about incorrect font styles, such as bold or italic;
* In the Windows version added the welcome screen.
Flash capabilities
The new version of QuarkXPress can simultaneously create a design printed pages and videos Flash(SWF).

MathMagic Pro Edition For QuarkXPress - universal formula editor, aimed at researchers, teachers and students to work with QuarkXPress. The software comes with an extensive library of mathematical and scientific symbols and a set of templates. Users can save the results of their work in the formats JPEG, PDF, EPS and TeX. MathMagic allows you to import, export and transfer of methods «copy-paste» LaTeX document contents and to import files MathML. The list of improvements includes enhanced customization of image parameters PICT, as well as support characters of European alphabets, and additional character sets. MathMagic is a separate application with intuitive user interface. Working with him is as easy as with a regular text editor, so it can be a good idea to learn just how much hours.

The editor provides the user with a complete set of tools for creating complex formulas:
* technology is supported WYSIWYG - what is the formula derived in the usual form in which they are written on paper
* provide the user with a large number of sub-panels and windows, which can be selected as mathematical symbols and parts("blanks")formulas
* supported mode "drag-and-drop" - it allows you to use the mouse to quickly build complex equations by dragging components and individual characters with support panels and windows
* Editor supports a large number of keyboard shortcuts, and you can create your own combinations, and working not only with the mouse, and keyboard, you can greatly speed up entering formulas
* Supports multiple operations Undo / Redo - if necessary, you can restore the work even after several wrong actions
* editor lets you change the font and font size - formulas can give an attractive appearance, which is especially important in the preparation of commercial publications
* MathMagic editor lets you create your own set of templates(ie "blanks" formulas), which greatly facilitates the work, if you have to recruit the same type of formula.

Formulas can be used not only in the editor or in publishing. MathMagic allows you to export ready-made formulas in several formats: EPS, TeX, PICT, WMF, GIF and JPEG(with export to bitmap formats can set the resolution up to 2300 dpi). After exporting the formula can be incorporated into any document, whether - that a basic web page, vector illustration, document format, or PDF document format MS Word.

Together with the editor supplied large collection of quality fonts in TrueType and PostScript. These fonts are the mark of great mathematical and other special characters, and all of these fonts can be used when working with the editor MathMagic, and in other programs.
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